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Ametalin Reinforced Insulation Ducting Tape top picture

Ametalin Reinforced Insulation Ducting Tape side picture

Ametalin™ Reinforced Insulation/Ducting Tape

  • All-purpose tape – complements our full range of insulation products
  • Reinforced for superior strength and flexibility
  • Hand tearable
  • Vapour sealing
  • 72 mm width is ideal for joining insulation products
  • Higher adhesion and tack than traditional cloth duct tapes
  • Excels in high heat and humid conditions
  • High performance over a wide temperature range: -30°C to 120°C
  • Easy application
  • Will not break down or delaminate over time
  • UV and fire resistant
  • Great for camping


  • Tile roof sarking
  • Metal roof sarking
  • Wall wraps
  • Air-conditioning and ducting
  • All-purpose tape for camping*
    * Not designed for use in direct sunlight.


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