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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 01:52


Ametalin FireSark™ is the Australian made, multipurpose building membrane which is suitable for installation in all multi-level apartments and commercial structures, walls and ceilings where extra fire performance is required. Ametalin FireSark™ is manufactured with advanced laminating technology from a stringently selected fibreglass weave which is not deemed combustible as per AS 1530.1—1994: Combustibility…
Abstract Condensation in buildings becomes more of a concern as thermal insulation is increased to improve energy efficiency. Examples of steady-state hygrothermal analysis of Australian brick veneer wall construction in temperate winter conditions are provided, as are reinforced concrete masonry in the tropics. A standard is needed for assessing condensation…
ABSTRACT Condensation in buildings has become a concern, as thermal insulation is increased to improve energy efficiency. European standards for assessing condensation risk focus on winter conditions. Simplified psychrometrics used in the European steady-state condensation risk-assessment standard make it unsuited to warm humid Australian climates. The American standard can be…

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